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The new McCarthyism: Inside the China conspiracy theory that helped fuel Trump's Capitol riot

Early on the morning of Jan. 6, Samuel Fisher, a self-described dating coach, sent a friend a photo of a rifle and pistol through Facebook Messenger. He told his friend he planned to go to the parking garage in Washington DC "super early" and would be "leaving shit in there maybe except pistol." He added, "And if it kicks off, I got a vest and my rifle."

In a post on his personal website, according to a government affidavit filed in support of the federal criminal complaint for unlawful entry and disorderly conduct, Fisher predicted that "Trump and We the People will be betrayed again by every so-called representative who said they'd fight for us." He predicted three possible scenarios for Jan. 6, the day Congress was scheduled to meet to certify the electoral vote.

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Justice Stephen Breyer risks making a historic blunder

United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is facing calls to retire before the 2022 congressional elections so that his successor can be confirmed while the Democrats have control of the United States Senate. The 82-year-old Breyer has signaled he's reluctant to retire because he doesn't want to be perceived as partisan.

But surely the principles that guide a judge on the bench are also relevant. Breyer's career can be defined by the defense of what he calls "active liberty," which boils down to democracy, the constitutional principle that the people should control government.

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'You can’t tie me to white supremacy': Inside the fight over 'critical race theory' in America's richest county

In the aftermath of Virginia's 2019 election, when Democrats took control of both houses of the state legislature, an IT engineer named David Gordon announced a plan to help Republicans regain control of state government.

The Virginia Project, Gordon pledged in the mission statement for the new political action committee, would "force the Democratic Party to play defense, disrupt their narratives, and counter their long-view of strategy of incremental and continuous gains."

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DOJ will waive death penalty in case against white supremacist mercenary who's fighting extradition from Ukraine

The US government will waive the death penalty against a former US soldier who is fighting extradition from Ukraine to face federal charges in connection with the 2018 murder of a couple in southwest Florida.

Craig Lang, along with Alex Zwiefelhofer, who is in US custody, is accused of killing the couple during a late-night rendezvous off the interstate south of Fort Myers as part of a plot to raise funds to pay for a military expedition to overthrow the Venezuelan government.

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Failed Neo-Nazi effort to rally at George Floyd's grave reveals a movement with global connections and infighting

The second round of nationwide White Lives Matter rallies that took place this past weekend turned out to be even more underwhelming than the inaugural event on April 11.

Repeating the dismal performance of last month's rallies, white supremacists mustered only a paltry turnout in a handful of locations across North America, with antifascists infiltrating their planning chats and turning out larger groups of protesters. Many of the local White Lives Matter organizers canceled their events altogether. While last month's White Lives Matter event in Huntington Beach, Calif. turned violent, the state admin took to Telegram on the morning of May 8 to urge supporters to "do some banner drops/sticker activism," before announcing, "California will not have an official event."

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Nikki Haley is spreading myths for white people that cover up the truth of her own personal history

White fragility is real. Whatever else you think about educator Robin DiAngelo, she has correctly identified one of the most persistent and pernicious phenomena of 21st-century American life, the discomfort and defensiveness white people feel when they are exposed to information or discussions about racial inequality and injustice. It's a major threat to furthering racial progress. But I'm not sure she even realizes just how noxious the phenomenon is because like white supremacy, it doesn't only affect white people, even though it is almost always deployed in service of white people.

Take a recent exchange between former South Carolina Governor and Republican Nikki Haley, an Asian American, and Dennis Prager, a white American whose brainchild, something called Prager University, alludes to higher education but actually just dumbs things down and distorts history. In fact, Prager "university" is white fragility in its purest form. It is a safe space for mostly white people, though not exclusively, who'd rather hold fast to American creation myths than have to grapple with harsher truths. Haley was so proud of the exchange that she tweeted out a video of it under the heading "Critical race theory is harmful to a child's education."

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Pulitzer winner believes we should openly mock people who think vaccines are more dangerous than Covid

The arrival of effective Covid vaccines has revealed a grave failure in American education. Tens of millions of Americans, the ones who say they will never get vaccinated because there's no need or because they don't trust the vaccines somehow made it through years of mandatory schooling without learning numbers.

That they failed grammar school 'rithmetic is obvious if you ask two questions:

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The real reason right-wingers hate vaccines

"Go get vaccinated, America," the president urged the nation last Wednesday in his State of the Union address. Joe Biden had a lot of good news to report to the US Congress on the COVID vaccination effort: 220 million shots have been administered in his first 100 days in office, everyone over 16 is eligible and 90 percent of Americans now live within five miles of a vaccination site. Vaccine manufacturing is booming. Supply will soon no longer be a limiting factor. Yet even as eligibility has expanded, demand has plateaued across the country and vaccination rates have dipped from their peak.

Time is of the essence. More transmissible variants of the virus mean a higher percentage of the population must be immunized to reach herd immunity. We're in a race between the finest that human civilization has to offer and venal dumbassery.

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What Liz Cheney is really aiming for

United States Representative Liz Cheney, the No. 3 House Republican, must be banking on the notion that much can happen between now and 2022, and even more by 2024. Why else would she have gone out of her way last week to fist-bump President Joe Biden at the joint-session of Congress, an image that will return to haunt her in a Wyoming primary, where former president Donald Trump is working to defeat her?

Although Cheney says she can win that primary, in 2022, the numbers currently say no. "She wanted to be speaker," a conservative political consultant told me today. "And it's all going up in flames." But could Cheney be setting her sights higher than that?

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Louis DeJoy strikes again: How our postal service helped Amazon win controversial Alabama union battle

After the failed union vote at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama, the critical postmortems ignored a reality that may result in another election: Amazon cheated.

And Louis DeJoy, the Trump-era holdover dismantling the U.S. Postal Service, helped.

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Psychiatrist says Trump's 'glaring psychological problems' were misinterpreted and led us to disaster

Dr. Bandy X. Lee was interviewed by Prof. Johanna Fernández, author of The Young Lords: A Radical History (UNC Press, 2020), a history of the Puerto Rican counterpart of the Black Panther Party. She is the editor of Writing on the Wall: Selected Prison Writings of Mumia Abu-Jamal (City Lights, 2015) and with Abu-Jamal a special issue of the journal Socialism and Democracy, titled The Roots of Mass Incarceration in the US: Locking Up Black Dissidents and Punishing the Poor(Routledge, 2014). She teaches 20th Century U.S. history and the history of social movements at Baruch College (CUNY) and hosts "A New Day" on WBAI. She interviewed Dr. Lee, forensic psychiatrist and author of Profile of a Nation, for her "Race, Class, and Revolution" class at MayDay Space in New York. This is a two-part series. The first part of the interview series can be read here.

Where does politics begin and psychiatry end in assessing social problems?

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Mama Grizzlies: Prominent women in the white power movement have long played protectors

With the political ascent of Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert, two of the new members of Congress most closely aligned with QAnon and who most loudly amplified Donald Trump's false claim that the election was stolen, women have become the new face of the far right in national politics.

Greene (R-Ga.) and Boebert (R-Colo.) were both listed as "invited speakers and featured guests" at the Stop the Steal rally headlined by then-President Trump on Jan. 6, and voted against certifying the electoral vote for Joe Biden.

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'Just check the numbers': Claire McCaskill calls BS on Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz for claiming to turn down corporate PAC cash

Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz weren't fooling many people Thursday when they announced that they would be turning up their noses at corporate PAC donations.

They especially weren't fooling Claire McCaskill. The former senator and current MSNBC host didn't mince words in comments to Raw Story.

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